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YP Toronto invited the Marketing Manager of LinkedIn CanadaSteve Watt to address strategies, tools and techniques for effective use of social media platforms.
Watt directs Canadian marketing activities for LinkedIn’s corporate talent acquisition products and services. He also leads several global content and thought leadership initiatives focused on employer branding and passive talent recruitment.

Watt discussed why LinkedIn has become the vital place for career success and shared valuable tips on how to best build a professional brand on this networking website.

The presentation was followed by a wine and cheese reception.

Young Professionals of Toronto Debate Social Media Efficacy:

YPTO kicked off a new exciting season of educational programs with the timely seminar “Social Media With No Time Wasted.” Randal Craig, one of Canada’s leading social media experts, addressed strategies, tools and techniques for professionals and business owners to effectively use new online platforms.

Social media has fundamentally transformed the ways people interact or stay connected with friends, peers and associates, and the ways companies engage in recruiting, business marketing, promotion and news distribution. However, with no clear purpose or policy in place, social media can quickly deplete resources, not to mention mankind’s most valuable commodity – time.

As YPTO Chair Mihran Egavian explained, “In the age of technology and communication, it is an absolute imperative to understand and engage in the meaningful application of online tools. Mr. Craig’s presentation offered a striking revelation of surprising, yet widespread, gaffes and little-known practices that can benefit us all.”

An intuitive thinker with an acute awareness of the fundamental principles of business, Randall Craig has given the audience an exclusive tour into the minds of hiring employers, jobseekers, marketing professionals, and online consumers.

“Randall’s undisputed background in business, finance and entrepreneurship has leveraged his expertise to better explain social behavior in the Internet realm” said Aren Sarikyan, YPTO Vice-Chair. “It is this kind of insight and experience that helps us connect the dots and envision new forms of online interaction, collaboration, or conduct of business”, added Aren.

Mr. Randall founded several successful start-ups, held a long-time position at a “big-four” consulting firm, and was an executive at an American public company. He has been intimately involved in Internet strategy since 1994, when he put the Toronto Star online (as well as over 100 other major organizations since then). Randall also lectures at the Schulich School of Business, blogs for the Huffington Post, and hosts Professionally Speaking TV. A best-selling author, Randall is also the president of 108 Ideaspace Inc. – a generous sponsor of the event.

The seminar attracted a diverse crowd of young professionals and enterpreneurs – a clear indication of the importance of social media today.

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